Amanda Easton


Australian musician Amanda Easton has released a total of three albums and three EPs with 2 of her singles appearing in the top 10 of the independent Aussie charts. Her music videos and live performances have graced Aussie television screens including 'MTV'. Easton has a one of a kind sound that sits somewhere between electronic-pop and trip hop with a dash of avant-garde film noir vibes. 

"As well as artists like Goldfrapp and Kate Bush, I’m influenced by the mood of film noir, like David Lynch productions and even Broadway theatre. I love a bit of melodrama in my pop. That’s why I adore David Bowie too, with his mix of rock and cabaret". - Amanda Easton on her influences and sound.

Her latest release, Wallflower came out on CD in February 2021. Wallflower is available to pre-order from Renaissance Records on 180 gram vinyl. 


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