Easy Street


Easy Street were an English soft rock band which consisted of Ken NicolPeter Marsh and Richard James Burgess

Marsh had a long-standing musical partnership with his then brother-in-law, Ken Nicol, during the 1970s. They first signed to CBS in 1973, and were known as the duo Nicol & Marsh. In 1975, after the addition of Richard James Burgess, they became known as Easy Street, named after the duo's 1974 album Nicol & Marsh's Easy Street. As the trio Easy Street, they released two albums, the eponymous Easy Street in 1976 and Under the Glass in 1977.

The single "I've Been Lovin' You" reached No. 81 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 during the first week of August 1976.

Easy Street toured in Europe and the US and were the 1976 runners-up of the UK TV show New Faces. The collaboration between Marsh and Nicol ended after the release of the duo's final album, 1978's Nicol & Marsh. An interview with Nicol implied that Marsh was moving in a different direction, specifically appearing to refer to a growing collaboration between Marsh and Burgess.


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