When you combine former members of bands such as Kiss, Rainbow, Quiet Riot, and Alcatrazz you get the hard rock supergroup, Blackthorne. In 1993, guitarist Bob Kulick, vocalist Graham Bonnet, drummer Frankie Banali, keyboardist Jimmy Waldo, and bassist Chuck Wright came together to release their legendary debut and sole collective album, Afterlife.

Blackthorne was a short-lived supergroup that only recorded and released one album, but it was five classic hard rock musicians who more or less said “screw what’s popular.” The quintet put out an amazing record akin to what was coming out in rock and metal’s glory days, with heavier, modernized production. Hard and heavy throughout, there are no dull moments in the album’s nearly 50 minute duration. Each track rocks hard and is absolutely relentless. While other artists were making a desperate attempt to sell out and give in the musical trends of the day to make a living wage, this quintet was kicking ass and staying true to themselves musically.


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