Claire Hamill


Claire Hamill is an English singer-songwriter. She was born near Middlesbrough, England,  in 1954, the eldest of seven children, into a second generation Irish, Catholic family.  With a music career spanning almost 50 years, England's very own version of Joni Mitchell, Claire Hamill, has been active in the music business since age 17. Music was at the heart of every family celebration and Claire learned to harmonise listening to her mother, aunties and Grandma all sing together. The creation and production of 12 albums across her career allowed her to plow her own furrow, experimenting  and exploring  her musical world. 

Claire launched her career in 1971 when she signed her first contract with Island Records. There, she recorded her two albums ‘One House left Standing’ and ‘October‘. Both albums were described as invariably romantic, pulling at the heartstrings of those who listened with her confessional songwriting. Her third album, 'Stage Door Johnnies', was produced by Ray Davies of The Kinks fameand brought Claire into the realm of folk-rock. Her fourth album, 'Abracadabra', brought out Claire's angst with a heavier rock-and-roll sound than that of her previous releases.


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