Esquire are an English rock band, formed in 1982, noted for their progressive, art, and symphonic style of rock music. Combining the emotional and powerful vocals of Nikki Squire, with the musical craftsmanship of Nigel McLaren, and an array of talented guest musicians Esquire championed a unique and sophisticated sound. The band is headed by Nikki Squire, who, when the band started, was married to Yes bassist Chris Squire. Squire, Yes drummer Alan White, Yes producer (and former singer 1979-80) Trevor Horn and Chris and Nikki's eldest daughter, Carmen Squire, all worked on the band's debut album. They straddled traditional musical boundaries and essentially unleashed an innovative style of progressive rock, that was both varied and accessible. Esquire based their music on sublime melodies and strong song writing.

The band's self-titled debut album Esquire was originally released in 1987. It has since been digitally remastered and reissued onto deluxe 180-gram vinyl. featuring hit songs such as "To The Rescue", "Blossomtime", "Sunshine" and "Moving Together".


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