Eurogliders are a band formed in 1980 in Perth, Western Australia, which included Grace Knight on vocals, Bernie Lynch on guitar and vocals, and Amanda Vincent  on keyboards. In 1984, Eurogliders released an Australian top ten album, This Island which spawned their No. 2 hit single, "Heaven(Must Be There)". "Heaven" also peaked at No. 21 on the United States Billboard Mainstream Rock charts and appeared on the Hot 100.  Another Australian top ten album, Absolutely,  followed in 1985, which provided two further local top ten singles, "We Will Together", and "Can't Wait To See You".  They disbanded in 1989, with Knight having a successful career as a jazz singer. The band's sophisticated brand of pop was traditional in its structure but displayed the decidedly 'modern veneer' (hip clothes, heavy use of synthesizer)".The band reformed in 2005 releasing two new albums followed in 2014 by their seventh album.

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