Graham Parker & The Rumour

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The Rumour was arguably one of the best live bands of the 70’s – touring and performing together with the unforgettable Graham Parker, during the very peak of his career. In 1979, Graham Parker boasted a top selling album with Squeezing Out Sparks.

Alive In America - This show from Denver, Colorado hits all the great moments from the aforementioned album, as well as tunes from previous albums, and each and every one of them sounds better in this iteration than they did in the studio. His songs, always urgent, gain even more immediacy in this setting...every song seems to be a matter of life and death to Parker. Showcasing raw, vocal talent - from sharp - to soft - to full throated… you’ll never hear Parker sing better than this.  Let this rare recording of Alive in America take you back in time.

This album is electric in all the right ways. You hear every word, every syllable of GP’s great songs. The band is in top form. Travel back in time to experience the white-hot version of “Heat Treatment” and Brinsley Schwarz’s piercing guitar solos on the incendiary “Don’t Ask Me Questions”.


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