Kayak is a Dutch rock band formed by Ton Scherpenzeel and Pim Koopman in Hilversum in 1972. Founding members included Sccherpenzel and Koopman as well as Max Werner, Johan Slager, and Cees van Leeuwen though van Leeuwen was later replaced by Bert Veldkamp. In 1973, their debut album See See the Sun was released, including three hit singles. Their popularity was mainly in the Netherlands, with their top hit "Ruthless Queen" reaching No. 6 on the Dutch charts in March 1979. Phantom of the Night is the 6th studio album by Dutch Progressive rock band Kayak. "Ruthless Queen" was released as a single, becoming the band's biggest hit, nearing the top of the charts in the Netherlands. The album was Kayak's biggest commercial success. As of 2021, they will be releasing their 20th album.


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