Pierce Arrow

Pierce Arrow could have been a massive U.S. band during their brief two-year run in 1977 and 1978. Consisting of top NY and LA studio musicians, the group made two exceptional records for Columbia and toured the States, but the band failed to find a substantial audience that would make it a household name.

Featuring top session players Robin Batteau Jeff Kent, and David Buskin, along with former Cactus guitarist Werner Fritzching, former Robert Gordon drummer Bobby Chouinard, and former Doors bassist Doug Lubahn, Pierce Arrow had both the songs and the musical chops to be an important American band. Keyboardist Steve Rubin is heard in the band filling in for Jeff Kent, who had to leave the tour briefly due to illness.

Unfortunately, their technical prowess overshadowed the band's ability to develop a few key members who were charismatic stage personalities. Columbia Records had great hopes for them, positioning Pierce Arrow as a cross between the Eagles, the Band, and Bruce Springsteen. Radio programmers felt otherwise and failed to embrace either of the band's two excellent albums, Pierce Arrow or Pity The Rich.


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