Spirit Machines

Spirit Machines is the hard-rocking brainchild of Dave Crespo, brought to life by his band of bleeding hearts, Mike Collins, Pepper Rose, and Sergio Marticorena. Formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, Spirit Machines gained notoriety with a mashup cover song 'Zober', 'Sober' by TOOL and 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin, that earned them the seal of approval from TOOL-themselves and a viral following.

The band’s origins go back to an open-mic session at Vertical Diner in fall 2018, where Crespo and Rose connected over music and the city of Boston; Crespo had recently moved to Utah from there, and Rose had gone to grad school at MIT. Crespo met Mike Collins at a now-defunct Salt Lake City jazz club. Rose also had jammed with Collins, when she was contemplating starting a band to play her music — which she said is “very fun and happy,” compared to the “more serious themes” she and Crespo write for Spirit Machines. They lured Sergio Marticorena to play bass and he fell for their sound immediately.

On their debut album Feel Again, Spirit Machines are calling back to the old vibes of rock with a confident sound. The album's sound is meant to swell and really grasp the listener, engaging them with grunge-like, sultry notes filled with emotion.


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