Starz is an American heavy metal and power pop band from New Jersey, United States. Despite a lack of major commercial success, the band has a lasting cult following and has been cited as a major influence by bands such as Mötley CrüePoisonBon Jovi; and Twisted Sister.Their first major hit single, "Cherry Baby", in the spring of 1977 came from their second album, Violation, produced by Jack Douglas of Aerosmith fame. 

The group was formed out of the ashes of the early 1970s pop music band Looking Glass, which had the No. 1 hit single "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" in the summer of 1972. And it was Looking Glass' rhythm section that would be transplanted to Starz -- bassist Peter Sweval and drummer Jeff Grob were joined by guitarists Richie Ranno and Brendan Harkin, as well as singer Michael Lee Smith.

The band had a lot of muscle behind it. Handled by Kiss’s Aucoin Management, signed to major label Capitol Records, produced by the legendary Jack Douglas of Aerosmith fame, and with huge hits like “Cherry Baby” in their catalog, Starz had all the makings of a major successful late 70’s arena rock band.


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