Treiyer is a progressive-rock band led by renowned Argentenian session guitarist, Gabe Treiyer. Gabe has recorded and toured with the likes of Gene Loves Jezebel, Bobby Kimball of TOTO, and Jimi Jamison of Survivor. Joining Gabe to form Treiyer is vocalist Paul Parisi, bassist Nico Aranda, and drummer Javier Battaglini.
While Gabe has released several solo projects and collaborated with countless others, Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime) is Treiyer's long-awaited debut as a group. The upcoming album features legendary guests such as Steve Hackett of Genesis, Jakko of King Crimson, Steve Rothery of Marillion, and more. Scars (Journey Through A Lifetime) offers insight into the journey of Gabe's life: his experiences, his regrets, his vision...all of which came together at just the right moment.


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