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Alcatrazz - The Best of Alcatrazz [CD]

Alcatrazz - The Best of Alcatrazz [CD]

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Alcatrazz was Jimmy Waldo's teddy bear's name as a kid, from there the band chose the name; originally they were to go with "The Rosie O'Donnell Experience", but later felt that would indicate sympathy with the celebrity. The band's initial line-up consisted of Graham Bonnet (lead vocals), Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar), Gary Shea (bass), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards, vocals) and Jan Uvena (drums, vocals). Shea And Waldo were previously members of the group New England. Uvena had worked with Alice Cooper. Malmsteen had been in the Swedish Prog-Metal band Silver Mountain and had recently come to the US and joined the band Steeler for one album. Alcatrazz's material was written by Malmsteen, Bonnet, Waldo and Vai. Shea dubbed the group "Alcatrazz". Features all of their greatest hits. 


Track List

  1. Island In The Sun
  2. General Hospital
  3. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  4. All Night Long (Live)
  5. Since You’ve Been Gone (Live)
  6. Night Games (Live)
  7. Stripper
  8. Painted Lover
  9. Sons And Lovers
  10. God Blessed Video
  11. Mercy
  12. It’s My Life
  13. Dangerous Games
  14. Undercover
  15. No Imagination
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