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Easy Street - Easy Street/ Under The Glass [CD]

Easy Street - Easy Street/ Under The Glass [CD]

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In 1974, the duo of Ken Nicol and Peter Marsh released the album Nicol and Marsh's Easy Street on U.K. Epic. A fine release, it showcased a sampling of the roots rock, ragtime and ballads that they would become masters of, and it featured the single "Midnight Cat". Next, they were joined by New Zealander Richard Burgess and the trio renamed themselves after the LP. What followed were two excellent albums of tightly performed songs encompassing skiffle, ragtime, Southern boogie, West Coast harmony, symphonic pop and a whole lot more. The band wrapped it all up in immaculate compositions with a youthful spirit, and in Ken Nicol they had one of the era's greatest potential sex symbols. However, the band was roundly ignored by the music media, which makes the top 80 placing for "I've Been Lovin' You" in the Cash Box Top 100 in the late Summer of 1976 a minor miracle.

Track List

  1. Feels Like Heaven
  2. Lazy Dog Shandy
  3. Things I’ve Done Before
  4. Illogical Love
  5. Shadows On The Wall
  6. I’ve Been Lovin’ You
  7. Blame The Love
  8. Part Of Me
  9. Easy Street
  10. Wait For Summer
  11. What Have We Become
  12. Flying
  13. How Can You Take It So Hard
  14. Rely On You
  15. What Does The World Know
  16. Is This Real
  17. Look For The Sun
  18. Only A Fool
  19. Strange Change
  20. I See You
  21. Night Of The 11th
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