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Ellen Shipley - Call Of The Wild [CD]

Ellen Shipley - Call Of The Wild [CD]

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Shipley was one of the most promising rock stars of the 1980's. She was discovered by music mogul Tommy Mottola, who signed her to her first recording contract. Over the time span of five years, Ellen recorded three critically acclaimed albums, Ellen Shipley (NY International Records), Breaking Through The Ice Age (RCA), and Call of the Wild (Capitol Records).

Embraced by critics and fans alike, she toured extensively, performing on stage and television worldwide. In 1980, she was a featured musical guest on NBC's legendary Saturday Night Live. In addition to her solo work, Shipley was one of the era’s most sought-after studio voices, contributing to many of the biggest albums of the decade.
  1. Heart Out Of Time 
  2. Love's Out On The Line 
  3. Stranded 
  4. I Come Undone
  5. Look The Other Way
  6. Call Of The Wild 
  7. Let Me Take You Under 
  8. He's Not There 
  9. Fugitive Kind 
  10. Heart to Heart (Live) 
  11. Fotogenic (Live)
  12. This Little Girl (Live)
  13. Solo (Live)
  14. I Surrender (Live)
  15. Promise to Keep (Live) 
  16. Some Kind of Wonderful (Live) 
  17. Catch the Cobra (Live)

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