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Head East - Alive In America [CD]

Head East - Alive In America [CD]

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Head East's Alive In America features live highlights like "Man I Wanna Be," "Keep a Secret," and "Monkey Shine," all of which feature the group's '70s style rock power. Future Petra singer John Schlitt is the vocalist.


1. Take A Hand 

2. Man I Wanna Be 

3. Keep A Secret 

4. Specialty 

5. Monkey Shine 

6. Love Me Now 

7. City Of Gold/ Fly By Night Lady 

8. Get Up And Enjoy Yourself 

9. Out Of The Blue 

10. Ready To Go 

11. Jefftown Creek 

12. Since You've Been Gone 

13. Never Been Any Reason 

14. Take My Hand 

15. Susan 

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