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Kayak - Phantom Of The Night [180G LP]

Kayak - Phantom Of The Night [180G LP]

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The 1979 remastered Phantom Of The Night by Kayak reissued onto vinyl. Featuring the hits "Keep The Change", "Ruthless Queen" and "Winning Ways". Features restored liner notes, photos, lyric sheet and trading cards of the classic band. A Limited Edition 180-gram pressing.


1. Keep The Change (3:40)
2. Winning Ways (3:39)
3. Daphne (Laurel Tree) (5:12)
4. Journey Through Time (3:25)
5. Phantom Of The Night (4:59)


6. Crime Of Passion (3:35)
7. The Poet And The One Man Band (4:13)
8. Ruthless Queen (4:51)
9. No Man’s Land (4:07)
10. First Signs Of Spring (3:45)

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