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Lyin Rampant- Up and Cumin' [CD]

Lyin Rampant- Up and Cumin' [CD]

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After departing Tytan, Stewartie Adams went home to Scotland and combined forces with Eddie Trainer - to form a new melodic rock band, Lyin Rampant.

 Up and Cumin’ is the bands debut and only released album.  Ranging from hard-rock to melodic metal, this album will take you back to the early 80's and is a must have for any music collection.  

Lyin Rampant has sounds similar to Heavy Pettin' and Tytan - and features previous members of both.

Stewartie Adams (vocals, guitar), Eddie Trainer (guitar), Georgie Pringle (bass), Paul Stephans (keyboards), Tam Creamer (drums), Lori Mac (drums)


1. Crazee
2. Breakdown
3. Promises
4. Way of Destiny
5. Don’t Walk Away
6. Fantasy Girl
7. Say Goodbye
8. Kill Them All
9. Indoor Games
10. Time Again


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