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Magnum - Chase The Dragon [180G LP]

Magnum - Chase The Dragon [180G LP]

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Chase The Dragon is the third studio album by Magnum, released in 1982. Overseen by Kansas producer Jeff Glixman. It was the first recorded appearance by the new keyboard player Mark Stanway. Remastered in 2020 and released on limited edition 180g vinyl. Package features gatefold, trading cards, lost photos, lyric sheets and more.


1. Soldier Of The Line (4:15)
2. On The Edge Of The World (4:20)
3. The Spirit (4:17)
4. Sacred Hour (5:30)


5. Walking The Straight Line (4:53)
6. We All Play The Game (4:04)
7. The Teacher (3:21)
8. The Lights Burned Out (4:27)


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