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Novo Combo - Novo Combo [CD]

Novo Combo - Novo Combo [CD]

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Novo Combo was a power pop and new wave rock group who enjoyed some popularity in the early 1980s. The initial lineup was Pete Hewlett, Stephen Dees, Jack Griffith and drummer Michael Shrieve, formerly with Santana. The band scored minor hits in 1981 with the songs "Up Periscope" and "City Bound."

Track List 

  1. Up Periscope 
  2. City Bound ("E" Train) 
  3. We Need Love 
  4. Long Road 
  5. Tattoo 
  6. Don't Do That 
  7. Sorry (For The Delay) 
  8. Axis Will Turn 
  9. Light of the World 
  10. Do You Wanna Shake? 
  11. Hard to Say Goodbye 
  12. Light of the World - Live 
  13. Tattoo - Live 
  14. Up Periscope - Live 
  15. Hard to Say Goodbye - Live 
  16. Sorry (For the Delay) - Live
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