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Planet P Project - Pink World [CD]

Planet P Project - Pink World [CD]

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Planet P Project is a science-fiction themed progressive rock band run as a side venture by frontman Tony Carey for his more experimental music. Its three albums, Planet PPink World, and Go Out Dancing, Part I (1931) were released in 1983, 1984, and 2005, respectively, and the first two saw a fair amount of MTV video airplay. Pink World was originally a two-record set released on bright pink vinyl. Planet P's most well known singles were "Why Me?", a sweeping, energetic romp about outer space and isolation, and the downbeat "Static." "Go Out Dancing, Part I (1931)" is the first of a planned trilogy, with part two to be titled "Go Out Dancing, Part II (Levittown)" (May 2008) and "Go Out Dancing Part III (Out in the Rain)" (2011).

Track List

  1. In The Woods
  2. To Live Forever
  3. Pink World
  4. What I See
  5. To Live Forever [Part 2]
  6. Power
  7. In The Forest
  8. A Boy Who Can’t Talk
  9. The Stranger
  10. What I See [Part 2]
  11. The Shepherd
  12. Behind The Barrier
  13. Pink World Coming Down
  14. Breath
  15. This Perfect Place
  16. What Artie Knows
  17. In The Zone
  18. Behind The Barrier [Part 2]
  19. March Of The Artemites
  20. This Perfect Place [Part 2]
  21. A Letter From The Shelter
  22. What Artie Knows [Part 2]
  23. One Star Falling
  24. Baby’s At The Door
  25. Requiem
  26. A Boy Who Can’t Talk [Part 2]
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