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Rachel Sweet - Alive In America [CD]

Rachel Sweet - Alive In America [CD]

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Born in Akron, Ohio, Rachel Sweet began her singing career at the age of three. She began recording country music in 1974, but with little success beyond one minor hit. Switching to rock and roll, she signed to Stiff Records and released her first album, Fool Around, in 1978. At Stiff Records, nothing was sacred; often the label's slogans and unorthodox promotion were as memorable as the truly inspired music they released. With teenage Rachel Sweet, it would seem that their perverse humor had finally gone too far. One listen to her albums, however, and all questionable images and in-jokes fall into the background; "the little girl with the big voice" made some terrific music, holding her own on a roster that had no shortage of talent. Alive In America is a Renaissance Records-produced Live Concert Album featuring performances by Rachel Sweet from 1979 and 1980.



1 Truckstop Queen
2 Foul Play
3 Jealous
4 Who Does Lisa Like?
5 Spellbound
6 Take Good Care of Me
7 Pin a Medal on Mary
8 Wildwood Saloon
9 B-A-B-Y
10 Alison
11 Tonight
12 Baby Let's Play House
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