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Shanghai - Shanghai [CD]

Shanghai - Shanghai [CD]

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The band formerly known as Spider, released this fantastic album under the production wing of Canadian producer extraordinaire Bruce Fairbairn (Bon Jovi, Ac/Dc, Van Halen). Sadly Bruce died in 1999. Opening tune S.O.S. is a classic, in a similar vein to Jefferson Starships "Jane"... and from there on in, the quality barely wavers. Theres even a touch of hard rock in the AC/DC tainted "Born To Rock". Quality stuff full of big hooks, darting keys, and a great vocalist in Amanda Blue.
Beau Hill was ex Airborne and ended up as a sought after producer working for the likes of Streets, Warrant, Winger and Alice Cooper. Anton Fig would eventually become a well respected session musician appearing on albums by Aldo Nova, Journey, Kiss, Madonna... to name but a few! Amanda Blue now goes by the name of Amanda Leigh and has released two, by all accounts, patchy solo albums.
Jimmy Lowell would record with Fast Forward, for their classic aor album "Living In Fiction".

  1. S.O.S.
  2. Always A Rebel
  3. X-Ray Vision
  4. I Need Your Love
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Born To Rock
  7. Brand New Boy
  8. All Of My Tears
  9. On Video
  10. Girl Who Likes To Cry
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