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The Blackheart Orchestra - Diving For Roses [180G LP]

The Blackheart Orchestra - Diving For Roses [180G LP]

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Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington, aka The Blackheart Orchestra, from Manchester, have in recent years been working on something of a musical reinvention. Between them they utilize acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, piano, organ, synthesiser, drums, percussion, omnichord, portasound, heartbeat and breaths. Remastered in 2020 and released on limited edition 180g vinyl. Package features gatefold, lost photos, lyric sheets and more.


1. Sebastian

2. Keep The Light In

3. Now That We Are Ghosts

4. Right By Your Side

5. Hypnotize



6. Darling Africa

7. Wake Up

8. Born To Live

9. Breathe

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