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The Sherbs - The Skill [CD]

The Sherbs - The Skill [CD]

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The Sherbs' first album The Skill just cracked the top half of the Billboard album charts in the US, reaching #100. It was the first album by the group — under any of their names — to chart in America. An accompanying single ("I Have The Skill") also became the band's second US pop chart hit at #61. ("Howzat" had also reached the same US chart position of #61 in 1976).

The Sherbs also received airplay in the US on Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) radio stations with both "I Have The Skill" and "No Turning Back". In fact, The Sherbs appeared on the very first AOR-oriented Rock Tracks chart issued by Billboard in March of 1981: "I Have The Skill" debuted on that inaugural chart at #45. A week later, on the chart dated March 28th, the track climbed to #14, in the process becoming the band's biggest US hit on any chart.

Track List

  1. I Have The Skill
  2. Back To Zero
  3. Cindy Is Waiting
  4. Crazy In The Night
  5. I'll Be Faster
  6. Never Surrender
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Love You To Death
  9. Into The Heat
  10. I'm O.K.
  11. Juliet And Me
  12. Parallel Bars
  13. I Don't Want To Lose You
  14. The Arrow
  15. Wild Is The Sea
  16. Heart Get Ready
  17. Angela
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