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The Tubes - Alive In America [CD]

The Tubes - Alive In America [CD]

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The Tubes started as a group of high school friends from Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Two Phoenix bands, the Beans and the Red, White, and Blues Band, both relocated to San Francisco in 1969 and eventually merged. The new band's core membership remained largely intact for more than a decade: Fee Waybill (real name John Waldo Waybill) on vocals, Bill "Sputnik" Spooner (guitar, vocals), Roger Steen (guitar), Prairie Prince (real name Charles L. Prince) on drums, Michael Cotten (synthesizer), Vince Welnick (piano), and Rick Anderson (bass). Singer Re Styles (born Shirley Marie MacLeod) and ex-Santana percussionist Mingo Lewis were also fixtures for much of the band's early history.

The Tubes Alive In America was recorded live in Los Angeles in 1976.



1. Young And Rich - Grandiose Instrumental Overture 

2. What Do You Want From Life 

3. Tubes World Tour 

4. Love Will Keep Us Together 

5. Pimp

6. Mondo Bondage 

7. Don't Touch Me There 

8. Boy Crazy 

9. Stand Up And Shout 

10. White Dunks On Dope 

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