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Walter Egan - Wild Exhibitions [CD]

Walter Egan - Wild Exhibitions [CD]

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Walter Egan is a musician, singer, composer, writer, artist, sculptor and general Renaissance man who is most widely known for his 1978 million-selling single record, "Magnet and Steel," featured on his album Not Shy (Columbia).

Almost three decades later, Walter's signature song is a staple on the radio, and can also be heard in feature films and on television. Meanwhile, he has continued to make original music as both a prolific individual artist, with a total of eight solo CDs to his credit, and as a member of performing and recording bands including the Malibooz and the Brooklyn Cowboys.

2002 was a year of noteworthy accomplishments for this enduring talent with the release of three new CDs: Apocalypso Now (Gaff Music), which showcases some of Walter's latest songs; Beach Access with the Malibooz (Pier Group Records), a classic surf music band that helped to pioneer the genre; and Dodging Bullets with the Brooklyn Cowboys (Leaps Recordings). The Meaning of Live, a compilation of Walter's live performances from 1978, has just been released, along with a CD that features all of the songs from Walter's first two Columbia LPs, Fundamental Roll and Not Shy. For information on how to obtain copies of the new CDs, please see below.

Today, Walter Egan continues to write, produce, and record new music (check out his two new songs in the MP3 downloads section below) and perform live around Nashville and nationally.

1977's Not Shy took Egan to the commercial peak of his recording career and spawned the top ten single, "Magnet and Steel" which prominently features the voice of Stevie Nicks.  Stevie contributed to several other songs on the album, Mick Fleetwood made a guest appearance on drums, and Lindsey contributed vocals, played guitar, co-produced, arranged and engineered that album. Buckingham also made appearances on three subsequent Egan solo albums, Hi-Fi (1979), The Last Stroll (1980), and Wild Exhibitions (1983) , which also featured Christine McVie, David Lindley and Nicky Hopkins. . It was during Lindsey's work on Not Shy that John Stewart, encouraged by an enthusiastic talk about Buckingham's abilities with Egan, became convinced to seek out Lindsey to work on his eventual hit album, Bombs Away Dream Babies" (1979)

Track List

  1. Fool Moon Fire
  2. Maybe Maybe
  3. Animal Lover
  4. Such A Shame
  5. Star Of My Heart
  6. Like No Other One
  7. Too Much Love
  8. I’ll Be There
  9. Tammy Ann
  10. Girl Next Door
  11. Stay All Night
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